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Worldful Engineering Plastics Application Specialist

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Worldful Engineering Plastics Application Specialist


Always ready - [WDF ] training notes

Improve the professional knowledge of employees, promote the company's development, and build an efficient team,On March 26, the company organized employees to conduct product knowledge training.

TITAN and WDF go hand in hand

At noon on March 14, TITAN Liu and Mr. Wu and his party came to our company for technical exchange. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the special applications of TITAN special engineering materials in various industrial fields

Wardf PK material passed W270 certification

DVGW W270,The certification developed by the German Gas and Water Industry Association is an intensive control of the microorganisms in drinking water contact materials – testing and evaluation. 此标准测试用于与水接触的材料,排除有害物质和微生物对饮用水的影响,帮助用户选择不易引发微生物衍生的与水接触材料。


PPS is a kind of thermoplastic special engineering plastic with excellent comprehensive performance. It is resistant to high temperature, high flame retardant, high rigidity, chemical resistance, dimensional stability, abrasion resistance, radiat

Worldful Engineering plastics application specialist

Worldful Committed to providing onestop integrated solutions for engineering plastics applications for automotive, machinery, electrical, building materials, electrical, aerospace and other industries. My mission is to focus on the challenges and pressures of our customers, to provide competitive engineering plastic solutions and services, to continue to create maximum value for our customers, andto achieve our customers is to achieve ourselves.


Worldful Engineering Plastics Application Specialist
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